In drawing up their admission arrangements, admission authorities must ensure that the practices and the criteria used to decide the allocation of school places are fair, clear and objective. Parents should be able to look at a set of arrangements and understand easily how places for that school will be allocated. 

.. Admission authorities must ensure that their arrangements will not disadvantage unfairly, either directly or indirectly, a child from a particular social or racial group, or a child with a disability or special educational needs..”  School Admissions Code, September 2021

 Support available to schools:

  • Preparing an admission policy and procedures for a new academy or free school.
  • Reviewing the current admission policy and procedures  to ensure it is compliant with the required statutory regulations, enables equal opportunity to all and are cost and time effective.
  • The statutory consultation process for amending an admission policy
  • Training the Admissions Administrator to a high standard which could help reduce the workload of the School Management Team.  See Training for Schools page for further details.

 Our rates are responsible and are negotiable depending on the amount of work involved.