School Admission Appeals – Primary

Portrait Of School Pupils Sitting On Wall Together

National offer day for primary schools is on the 18 April 2017.  As we know with the Infant Class Size Legislation there will often not be as many parents appealing as there are for secondary entry, however some will go ahead regardless.

At Sharon Oliver Consultancy we understands that this can be a very stressful time for parents/carers,  but that appeals will add to the school’s already excessive workload and use up valuable resources.  With all the uncertainty regarding future funding, schools must ensure that they are getting the best value for any money spent.   We aim to provide an excellent service for a competitive price.  

The following support is available.

  • An independent clerking service, which includes managing the administration of this process
  • Providing trained independent panellists
  • Advice on how to prepare and present the case against admitting more students
  • An experienced presenting officer to present the School’s case if needed
Information on all the services offered can be found @

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