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We are recruiting  Independent Panelists to hear School Admission Appeals and welcome applications from members of all cultures and communities.

School Admission Appeal Panels are made up of the following:

a) lay people (someone without personal experience in the management of any school or provision of education in any school (except as a school governor or in another voluntary capacity));
b) people who have experience in education, who are acquainted with educational conditions in the local authority area, or who are parents of registered pupils at school.

 No formal qualifications are required but panelists are required to have the following:

  • An interest in education
  • Good communication and listening skills
  • The ability to weigh up evidence and reach a rational decision
  • Ensure confidentiality


We are committed to equal opportunities for all and would welcome  interest from diverse and underrepresented groups.

This opportunity would ideally suit anyone who has some spare time including those with a flexible working pattern.

Full training will be given virtually to enable you to carry out this important and rewarding role.

The majority of appeal hearings are held virtually and the use of a computer and a reliable internet connection is essential.

Expenses will be paid when attending appeal hearings.

If you are interested, please email Sharon at info@sharonoliverconsultancy.co.uk